Springtime, cars, and motorcycles

When Spring came on the calendar, I was wondering how long the weather would feel like Winter.

The Springtime weather is now in full force in my area.
(Though some old acquaintances of mine from Michigan's Upper Peninsula still have deep drifts of snow on the ground. And as of late last week, Lake Superior was still 83% covered with ice. The pictures of ice cover from the end of March are astonishing.)

And that means that it is time to warm up the motorcycle.

I've got a small repair to make on the motorcycle. The drain plug on the oil pan was dripping oil last year. I think I will have to either (a) replace the drain plug, or (b) put silicon on it during my oil change this year.

Replacing it should be easy, but the motorcycle itself is 30 years old. Parts are hard to find, and I'm getting the impression that the problem isn't actually the drain plug, The problem may be that the threads the drain plug screws into are stripped, such that I can't tighten the plug all the way.

There's another, minor irritation. The wire-connection which should be fastened to the positive terminal on the battery has fallen apart. I can fix it, and I have the parts. I just haven't taken the time to do so, yet.

Either Monday or Tuesday this week, I think I'll have the motorcycle started. Then I'll see how Spring-like the weather feels.

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