Passover, part 3

It was morning, on the first day of the week.

Two women went to finish the work of embalming the remains of Jesus. Work that had been left unfinished in the hurried evening before Sabbath.

But they found something they didn't expect. They found the tomb empty.

It was a surprise ending that discomfited almost everyone. The soldiers didn't know how to explain what had happened. The Temple leaders tried to blame the disappearance on theft of the body. The Governor had to figure out whether anyone had to be punished.

Jesus' followers were a mix of confused and overjoyed. At least one doubted the word of the others. After a short time, doubt disappeared.  They told stories of angelic announcements, and an empty tomb. They spoke of encounters with a resurrected Jesus, still bearing the wounds of crucifixion.

Somehow, Jesus could enter locked rooms without using the door. Yet He also shared food with his followers.

And Jesus promised a new manifestation of God's presence in their lives, while giving them a commission to preach about Him to all the world.

The central message was that Jesus had opened a new door of relationship between God and man. And that death itself was not a final end.

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