Cars on TV

Over the past month or so, I've spent some time watching old seasons of BBC's Top Gear. I'm not very far, but I'm through the second season and part of the third.

I find the show funny, and enjoyed the ways that cars are described and presented. It took me a little while to get the feel for their "Star in a reasonably-priced car" sequences, but they became very enjoyable as the early seasons went on.

Mostly, I enjoyed the ability of the presenters to talk about how much they love their cars.

It's a little funny sometimes, to see a nearly decade-old "new" car or concept car presented. It's also odd to see discussions of good prices for cars.

I do remember that the Top Gear team started doing competitions and road challenges away from their studio in later seasons. I'm looking forward to those, as well as to more car-related humor.

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