Sports Geekery

A blog that I once followed regularly went through a hiatus and came back.

And one of the bloggers there went from ignores-most-sports to sports-geek. At least in the very narrow category of (American-style) football.

The surprising part of the news was the choice of team to follow closely. The Detroit Lions are local to me. I haven't thought much about whether they are a good team or a bad team.

(Last time I paid attention to the Lions, they were on the way to the worst season ever recorded by an NFL team. But I wasn't a close follower of the team before that, and I can't even tell if "aggressive defense, strong-arm pass-heavy offense" is an accurate description of the team's style. Nor can I tell how those strategies interaction with other strategies they will meet.)

I'm tempted to spend a little time learning more about the sport, just to be able to discuss sports in a geeky way.

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