NRA Annual Meeting and Indianapolis

Today, I was a little late to the opening of the NRA Annual Meeting.

However, once I arrived, I enjoyed the event. Most of my time was spent talking to vendors in the exhibit hall.

I did manage to attend the discussion of firearms used on D-Day, June 6 1944. The presentation discussed M1-Garand rifles, M1903A3 rifles, M3 submachine-guns, M1919 machine guns, M1917 machine guns, Ckm Wz30 machine guns, M1 Carbines, M1A1 Carbines, etc. There was even a mention of the M1903A4 sniper rifle, as well as the G98 and K98 rifles from the German Army. Several personal stories were outlined in the discussion also, including the story of the team who took Pont d'Hoc.

Later in the day, I managed to get an autographed copy of a book by Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat. It is subtitled A Woman's Guide to Concealed Carry; I wonder whether that means it is a guide written by a woman, or a guide written for women.

During the rest of the day, I got to discuss Appleseed events with members of the organization. I also tried out LaserLyte training system, and chatted with several different hunt organizers.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the Annual Meeting.

As an amusing aside, while filling up my vehicle at a gas station, I looked across the street and noticed a stored with a sign reading "21st Amendment". That store is occasionally mentioned by one of the members of Mancave Movie Review team. (While not overtly gun-nuts, these guys are the kind of guys who would enjoy the NRA Annual Meeting, and would have liked the "Guns used in D-Day" discussion.)

I enjoyed being able to purchase some beer at the shop favored by those gentlemen.

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