Weather and Wheels

The weather has been hit-and-miss for motorcycle riding since the repairs were finished. I've only ridden the machine a few times. In the past month, I've had many days where riding was possible, but the potential for rain was too high for comfort.

This past weekend had half a day of good riding, and a cold front that brought in nearly 24 hours of rainfall.

When thinking about riding, I first want to blame the weather. However, a few other factors seem to have reduced riding.

My schedule now includes several days of the week when I have to have a car, to handle some task at the end of the day.

When I drive, I find that I enjoying my current car (with a manual transmission) much more than I used to enjoy the Jeep I formerly owned.

This, plus the weather, means that I've ridden very few times this year.

My records indicate that in 2010, I rode the motorcycle often enough in March and April to purchase five tanks of gasoline. However, in 2011, there was no riding (and no fuel purchased) until May. Two tanks of fuel were bought in May.

In 2012, I didn't ride until May. That year, I bought three tanks of fuel in May. However, 2013 saw a beginning of riding in April, and four tanks of fuel purchased in April and May.

The year 2014 saw two tanks of fuel purchased in April and May.

This year, I have exactly one tank of fuel purchased in May.

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