Motorcycles and danger

Almost every time a motorcyclist gets in the news, a fatal accident has happened.

Most of the time, the news story about that accident contains details which indicate that the rider in question was not riding safely.

Most recently, a young man and a woman passenger rode out of a retail parking lot at high speed. A State Trooper, observing the speeding motorcycle, gave chase.

By the time the Trooper caught up with the motorcyclist, the motorcycle had crossed paths with a car. The resulting collision was fatal to both the rider and the passenger.

According to the newspaper article, the rider "failed to stop" at a particular side-street. However, from what I can make out, the nearest stop-light is one block east of the named location.

Perhaps the failure-to-stop was while attempting to execute a turn. Or perhaps the motorcyclist failed to stop at the stop-light one block away, and then struck the car. Or perhaps the accident actually occurred at the stop light, not at the named intersection.

It's a sad story. And a reminder to ride carefully.

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