Post Father's Day

In honor of Dad, we celebrated Father's Day with a family meal. It was followed by a road trip to visit Grandpa, and greet most of the extended family.

What does Father's Day mean to me?

Dad taught me how to diagnose many kinds of car problems. He acquainted me with ways to use math, before I met the challenge of feeling that math was boring.

He introduced me to electronics and computers; providing the foundation for a career as a professional programmer.

And he read books.

Many evenings, Dad and the family sat together as Dad read books to us. Adventure books, biographies, stories from ancient culture, and intellectual discourse.

For much of my childhood, books were the primary family entertainment of an evening. Television was a sidelight, often only used for a few rented movies.

This Father's Day, I feel a small pang--I have no children of my own. However, I am very glad for the father that I do have, and mostly happy about the path I've taken in life.

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