Pistol Range

Visited the pistol range last night.

It's been more than a few months since I last visited a range. I took two Ruger pistols, one in 0.22 and one in 9mm.

The 0.22 pistol was easy to place on target. At 21 feet, I placed 95% of my shots in a two-inch circle. This isn't competitive-shooting accuracy, but it is pleasant to know that I can hit what I aim at.

The 9mm pistol was harder to shoot accurately. If I hurried, I got lots of scatter. If I didn't hurry, I still got scatter--and I realized that I was anticipating the shot too much. It was too easy to flinch against the expected recoil.

When I didn't flinch, the shots were scary-accurate. The same two-inch circle at 21 feet.

When I did flinch, the scatter was wide. Too wide for comfort.

I think I know what I'll work on when I'm next at the range. And while dry-firing, and while using my LaserLyte in the basement.

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