More Dog Tales

Found elsewhere on the web: a dog saves the life of a child who strayed away from the family home.

The dog was apparently an adopted stray. The child is 3 years old; old enough to walk away, not old enough to always remember the way back. Nor old enough to recognize the danger of a cold night out in the field, as opposed to a night spent inside a warm house.

The dog followed (or searched for) the missing child, and stayed with the child as the night fell. Searchers saw the dog in tall grass, and found dog and child together.

This is the kind of story is a heartwarming surprise. Dogs have the ability to integrate themselves into a human family, to the point where some dogs can recognize that a young child is in need of protection.

Humans and dogs have adapted to each other over the millennia since dogs were first domesticated. This is one example of a way in which dogs have adapted to humans, and shown themselves to be helpful.

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