Dog Tales

A few weekends back, I spent some time chatting with friends about dogs.

The stories included Big-D, a German Shepherd. Big-D was smart, careful, and had been trained to be a very good tracker. He was known to be a little on the rough side with younger dogs. Just enough so that the younger dogs knew not to cross him. 

With people, he was reserved. He could be friendly, as long as the people in question were not strangers intruding on Big-D's territory.

After living 10 years, Big-D succumbed to kidney failure. It was a sad ending, but he had a full life.

Another dog mentioned in that little conversation was Smart-K. She's a Black Lab. When set to a task (retrieving a ball, or a duck) she runs to it with gusto. She plays hard. When set to find things by scent, she jumps to the task with wild abandon. 

Smart-K has also been trained. She can take direction, search for targets by scent, and has developed a knack for searching the area without wandering out of sight.

Then there was Boisterous, the Black Lab who I used to own. (He can be seen playing with me in my profile picture.) Boisterous was playful and friendly. He never knew when to stop playing. Unless he decided it was time to chew on something. Then he would do his best to destroy the chew-toy.

Boisterous also liked chasing things, which led to an untimely demise. Barely two weeks after that picture was taken, he ran off after a deer. The deer crossed a road, and Boisterous followed. Into the path of a car.

I still miss the dog. 

Other dog stories came up that day. Old hunting dogs, various family pets, and funny events.

I'm wondering when I will decide that I want another dog. And I'm wondering if I want another Lab. 

However, I enjoyed that afternoon of conversation. And I do like the thought of having a dog greet me when I arrive home.

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