Birthdays (past and present)

The weekend before last was my birthday.

(I didn't post at the time, because a combination of work schedule and tiredness left me unwilling to post much of anything.)

The birthday itself involved one fun evening at a restaurant with a ex-girlfriend, and another evening of festivities, cake, and presents with family and friends.

In between, I saw a weekend of extra time at the office. (Did I mention work? Things were very bad that week...) This was definitely a departure from the norm.

Things smoothed out at the office, and the dinner with the ex-girlfriend may have turned into something else. It might be possible, sometime next month, to remove the "ex-" factor in that relationship.

Hopefully, the "ex-" factor won't come back to haunt her. Or me. But at the moment, all I know is that things are looking good.

Perhaps the best birthday present was the completion of the panic-week at work. Which made it much easier for me to take Memorial Day weekend off on a fishing trip.

Fishing is a combination of frustration, waiting, patience, hope, and (intermittent) reward. When combined with pleasant weather and good companions on the lake, it is a special treat. Last year, I only went fishing on Memorial Day weekend. This year, I may go once or twice more.

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