Internet Humor (homeowner edition)

Saw a not-too-surprising article on finances yesterday.

That article was written by Megan McArdle, and gave some good advice about the cost/benefit questions involved in homeownership.

However, one of the commenters managed to produce a very funny parody of the typical "bad example" of homeowners turning their house into a money-sink.

After slaying our ancestral enemies and throwing their corpses from the battlements of my clan's ancient fortress - and then surviving the deadly politics of just who would rule from its heights me and my wife were finally home owners.

We could handle all the life and death struggle of owning property. Siege preparedness, check. Keeping secret passageways to ourselves, check. Challenges from people destined by the prophesies of obscure gods to rule in our stead, check. Personal finance? No.

I got a HELOC to do some repairs and the wife was riding me to have the crenelation spruced up. Our big mistake? We dipped into it again to pay some dowries and hire some mercenaries to deal with this whole Ogre infestation thing.

Never borrow from gnomes against the seat of your power for things that you don't use to increase the value of the demesne. Now it seems like every third fowl we squeeze from our serfs go to those guys. Sometimes I just don't think it is worth it.

[some line breaks and punctuation added --ed.]
I found the comparison between a debt-riddled noble of a past time and the debt-encumbered homeowners in modern America to be funny, and pointed.

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