The sound of spring

I've heard spring sounds in the air on and off. Seen robins, blue jays, and red-winged blackbirds.

In my area, April often brings a collection of heavy rainshowers, sometimes with thunder. Those sounds have not been missing.

And last weekend, I heard what I think is the definitive sound of spring. The sound of a motorcycle engine* running. In this case, the first time it ran since last October.

Almost 100 miles of riding later, I was convinced that the cycle was running fine.

The shakedown cruise was a pleasant 20 miles or so on Hines Drive. Thanks to Ed Hines and Henry Ford for setting up that park, and its pleasant path through central-and-Western-Wayne county suburbia...

The rest of the days travel were to visit a friend, and later attend a small party hosted by a different friend.

*the engine in question is a 30-year-old Honda inline-4, 750cc displacement. It has a pleasant rumble at idle, and a medium-high roar at high RPM values. Maybe next year I'll get a machine that is less than 20 years old...this one has some signs of age, but the engine, controls, and frame are in good shape.

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