Feel kind of sheepish

I had a great post planned for Easter Sunday, and I lost track of it.

Easter is a surprise ending; the kind of surprise ending that shocks and amazes. Yet it has become such a part of our culture that the surprise has died out. (This author at PJ Media does a better job than I in discussing Easter.)

I spent most of the weekend traveling (which might account for lack of sunrise-Easter blogging). One pair of grand-parents live separately, due to the stress of dealing with Grandfather's deteriorating mind. It is sad to see in action.

It is also encouraging to realize that the stories I now hear about his life are ones that he would never tell about himself. He was a minister, but tried not to bring much attention to how his ministry affected others.

Partly because of the things that other ministers of Christ's Gospel have taught to me, and partly in memory of the hope and consolation that one old minister has brought to many others...

Happy Easter.

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