Surprising story

Not sure why it is getting play now.

Here is an article about a family that moved out into the Siberian wilderness after pressure from the Soviet regime proved too much for them. They remained out of touch for nearly 40 years, until they were discovered by geologists. (The geologists were prospecting for mining locations.)

The family is an extreme case of isolated community. Their history also has several stories of near-extinction. Like the time a late frost left them with only one plant bearing a few grains of rye. And the long years in which they had no access to salt.

There was also a boy in the family who became an expert hunter. Without a bow, he hunted animals by trapping them. Or chasing them for days, until they collapsed.

Talk about returning to eons-old methods of survival...

It's also a little shocking to hear what a real survivalist may have to do, when trying to live alone in a vast wilderness.

History may be full of such strange things, which are only remembered if they are retold to people who spread the story.

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