A Police Official speaks

Commissioner of the New York Police, that is.

While attempting to make a point about various firearms laws and the use of firearms in crime, Commissioner Raymond Kelly noted that handguns are used in crimes many more times than rifles are used for criminal purposes.

If that is the case, then why the focus on AR-15 rifles, and other military-style weapons?

Somehow, Commissioner Kelly also considers that the legal sale of firearms outside of the State of New York is a large part of the supply of guns used by criminals inside the State.

The ATF and FBI try to collate data about guns recovered from criminals. They warn that the data isn't representative of guns used in crime. However, I do notice one thing: those firearms tend to have long histories between the original purchase and their discovery by Police. It's not often clear how the firearm ended up making that trip. Also, a large majority of those recovered had been originally purchased inside the State of New York.

I would think that if the Commissioner of the New York City Police wants to blame purchases in other jurisdictions for the prevalence of firearms inside the city, he should be able to bring better data to the table.

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