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One fun event that happened over last weekend was a camping-and-fishing trip.

The trip was far enough away from the Metro Area to allow for some good stargazing. I was also aware that Saturday evening, I would be able to see the Moon close to a pair of planets during twilight.

While I attempted to capture a picture, the results weren't quite what I'd hoped. Definitely not as good as these pictures from earlier in the week.

The first picture shows the Moon, Jupiter and Venus during twilight. (Jupiter is above the Moon, Venus is lower-left.)

Even though I had a DSLR with a decent lens, the lack of a tripod made the picture come out slightly shaky.

The second picture was after dusk, while I was attempting to use some night-camera settings. I was able to get some detail on the Moon, but not nearly as much detail as could be seen through a telescope.

After a little practice, I've found it easy to spot planets that are visible during twilight. It's slightly harder to identify planets that rise after nightfall, but I'm learning.

I've always been vaguely aware of the Moon, but never had reason to watch its cycle closely. Now that I'm trying to pay attention to astronomy, I find it much easier to track the Moon.

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