Going, going...gone.

Sold a vehicle this week.

The old Jeep had sat for months. One relative had told me they wanted it...then they backed out. Another expressed interest, then they also backed out.

In the meantime, the vehicle had become a little cranky. I didn't establish a habit of running it one day a week. So when I tried to start it, I seemed to find trouble 50% of the time.

Finally got it back into predictably-running condition, and put it on Craig's List. But taking it for test drives reminded me of the parts I enjoyed about the Jeep.

But I was also reminded that I don't like keeping a vehicle I'm not going to use. And I wanted to switch to a stick-shift.

So when the one potential buyer came to look at the Jeep, I was happy to get an offer from them.

I was also happy that they paid cash, rather than cutting a check. We signed the title, shook hands, and they drove away.

Now that the Jeep is gone, I miss her. But I don't miss the cost of filling it with fuel.

And I enjoy a car that gives all-wheel drive and direct control of the shifting.

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