Interesting Conversation

Over the weekend, I spent a lot of time at a church building in my area. It's not my usual place of religious attendance, but I know several of the members.

And on the events-for-the-body-of-believers bulletin board, I saw a note about a Ladies Gun Club.

This led me to some conversation with one of the women at the church. The conversation went more in the direction of "I have my rights, and I don't want to lose them" than self-preservation. (We all live in the Detroit Metro Area. The suburbs and exurbs of Detroit are usually pleasant and safe. Unlike the City of Detroit, which is notoriously dangerous.) The conversation also detoured around the differences between State laws on firearm purchasing, and current/future purchases.

I was surprised, in a pleasant way. These are conversations that I might have had at work a few years ago, but hadn't expected to have at a church.

While I didn't try to convert the woman to gun-nuttery, I did give what has become my standard reminder. Guns don't provide safety, nor are one-shot stops guaranteed. Tragedies are not averted by going about armed.

However, every person is their own first-responder. Police and ambulances take time to arrive. Even if people don't want to be armed, they should practise the mindset of awareness and being ready for trouble.

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